‘No responsible Ghanaian will watch and listen to Twene Jonas’ – Mark Okraku Mantey

Mark Okraku-Mantey, Deputy Minister for Tourism, says responsible citizens will never listen to controversial Ghanaian social commentator Twene Jonas.

He said this in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz while encouraging Ghanaians to promote their country positively, which helps boost tourism.

“When you see something on tourism, you should show interest in tourism, not in being different. “If you must speak about Ghana, speak well of it,” he advised.

Twene Jonas has gained a large following on Facebook by harshly criticizing the current government, which the Deputy Minister considers uncalled for.

He believes that every country has flaws, but it is up to them to reveal them. In light of this, he urged public figures to use their platforms to promote their country rather than imitate Twene Jonas.

No flaws, please. Every country has flaws, but they keep quiet. You must tell your story. So, as people who have access to or own microphones, use them to promote Ghana and say nice things about it. Don’t be Twene Jonas.

When warned that the latter would respond, he said he was ready for it because every patriotic citizen knows he has spoken the truth.

In response, Okraku-Mantey stated that “every responsible Ghanaian knows I have spoken the truth”.


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