No sensible man will follow his wife to a party – Counselor Lutterodt

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Counsellor Lutterodt

George Lutterodt, touted as one of the controversial relationship counselors in Ghana has a penchant for offering very unconventional advice and opinions on issues of love, marriage, family, dating, among others.

In his latest rant, speaking on protecting marriages, the counselor made some assertions to suggest that husbands who follow their wives to parties, such as end of year or reunion parties, are f00ls.

He explained that the friends of one partner in a marriage should not necessarily become the friends of the other partner. Citing an example, he said: “the friends that my wife makes at church, they are not my friends.”

It was on this basis that Counselor Lutterodt dropped the bombshell. Claiming that if it were so [the friends of one partner are not the friends of the other], then it would be foolish for a man to follow his wife to a party where the people there are not his friends.

Stating that: “So if my wife is going for an end of year party and I’m following here- it’s only a foolish man who follows his wife to an end of year party.”

Further explaining why, he think it is foolish, George Lutterodt added that: “Her old school mates are organizing a party and you claim because you want to protect your wife, you drive her there and you’re just sitting down being introduced to her friends as her husband.”

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