No Sensible Pastor Will Tell You To Sleep With a Woman Before Marriage, It Will Ruin Your Life – Counselor Adumata

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Renowned marriage counsellor, life coach, and relationship expert Counselor Kwaku Adumata, popularly known as Uncle Adumata has shot back at Apostle Kennedy Afreh Poku for saying that men should sleep with women before marriage.

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According to Uncle Adumata, advising single people to be sleeping around is an evil and ungodly act which should not be condoned by anyone.

In his view, sex before marriage cannot be justified by any reasonable person.

Apostle Tetebremu Kennedy Afreh Poku had strongly encouraged that people have sex before marriage, insisting that God is not against the act.

“If you meet a woman, you must have sex with her before getting married to her. Anything that you haven’t eaten, you can’t bare witness of it so you must have sex with her first to know if you enjoy it”, he had stated.

He noted that the part of the Bible that says ‘He who finds a wife…’ means that the man is to find his own wife and not that God is to find a wife for man, hence, if sex is what a man needs to experience with his partner to be able to decide if she is really his lost rib, he is free to do because God has already exempted Himself from the act of marriage.

Reacting to this on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Uncle Adumata discouraged people from practising sex before marriage stating that when you do that, the glory behind marriage would be lost.

“Sex before marriage is a great mistake and have consequences. It leads to divorce, mistrust, and misunderstandings. It breeds suspicions, fights and unnecessary jealousy. If you are a true believer, you will not entertain sex before marriage”.

He said no God-ordained pastor will encourage people to have sex before marriage.

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