No VGMA for Shatta Wale………The Dancehall King Has been Shunned Again

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Shatta Wale’s unending feud with Charterhouse, organisers of Ghana’s flagship music award scheme, the Ghana Music Awards is now permanently invariable. The Dancehall commando hitmaker has raised serious doubt about the crediblity of the award and the need to put measures in place to remedy all anomalies associated with it.

Despite winning overwhelmingly at the 2013 edition of the VGMA and his consistency thereafter, Shatta Wale has not been considered for subsequent awards because of his uncompromising posture against the organisers, especially Mrs Theresa Ayaode, CEO of Charterhouse.

His ommision is not suprising because he said on numerous occasions that he will not submit his work for review despite the uanimous call from his fans to do so.

Soon after Shatta Wale parted ways with his boisterous manager, Bulldog, Shatta, together with his management has made several attempts to reconcile with Chaterhouse but to no avail.

Ever since his new brand sprouted and defined his now widespread acknowledgement, Shatta Wale has been tagged as disrespectful and arrogant. Many observers and industry players echo his sentiments but think the manner at which he handled the issue was in a bad taste.

This year’s award ceremony is will take place on April 18, 2017 at the Accra International Conference Centre.


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