No woman can snatch him– Woman who used juju to tie her man down boldly reveals, asks other women to consult her for charms

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A woman has told ladies on the internet how to lock their men with charms so they will remain their bona fide properties for the rest of their lives.

The plus-sized woman recorded a video of herself bragging about the potency of her charms and how her boyfriend has become a humble dog by her side since she hypnotised him.

Even more bizarrely, the man she claimed to have used the juju on was standing beside her during the filming and it seems she was right about it because he looked completely disoriented.

In her words, she has locked her Cameroonian lover in a bottle to make him submissive and remain faithful to only her.

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The unnamed lady furthered that she cheats on him but because of her charms, he can never enjoy the same privilege of sleeping with other women apart from her.

Watch the video below;

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