Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents: Meet Cindy Rodriguez Singh and Arshdeep Singh

Cindy Rodriguez Singh and Arshdeep Singh are Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s parents. In March, young Noel Rodriguez Alvarez was reported missing.

As people sympathized with the family at the time, the information available points to the fact that his parents are not in trouble.

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Mother Indicted With Murder

One year after anyone last saw 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez alive, the mother of the youngster, Cindy Rodriguez Singh, has been indicted with murder by a Texas grand jury. The boy is assumed dead.

Six months have passed since Cindy Rodriguez-Singh boarded an international flight, just before an Amber Alert was issued for Noel. However, in connection with Noel’s disappearance, which the police claim she severely abused and neglected, she is now charged with capital murder, two counts of child injury, and one count of abandoning without the intent to return.

“These indictments will significantly support our effort to apprehend and extradite Cindy back to the United States,” Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer said at a press conference on Monday.

Days before an Amber Alert was issued for Noel on March 26, Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, and her husband and other children left their Everman home in Tarrant County, about ten miles south of Fort Worth, for India.

According to Spencer, in order to apprehend and extradite Rodriguez-Singh from India, officials are collaborating with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Noel, who needs oxygen therapy and has severe infirmities such as chronic lung disease, was last seen in a hospital during the latter week of October 2022, following his mother’s twin birth. Spencer claimed he looked “unhealthy and malnourished,” according to what witnesses told the investigators.

Rodriguez-Singh, according to investigators, used their whole tax refund to hastily build a new patio for a house they did not own, just before the family took a Turkish Airlines one-way journey to India. Rodriguez-Singh asked for the patio to be thicker in one spot, and the contractor she hired informed the police.

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s parents are definitely not having it easy at the moment.

Investigators said that despite leaving trash all over the house, Rodriguez-Singh’s husband, Arshdeep Singh, also threw away a carpet in an outdoor dumpster the day before the family’s hasty departure. Police were made aware of the new patio and carpet by a police canine that is trained to detect human remains.

Spencer stated that even while the search for Noel would continue, charges against his mother would still proceed if he could not be found.

“The reality is that there are times there are situations where we may not ever find a body,” he said. “That doesn’t preclude the D.A.’s office from being able to push this case forward and get a murder conviction on the case.”

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Didn’t Take Good Care of Him

Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s mother, abused Noel severely, according to witnesses who reported to police, even depriving him of food and drink because she refused to change his diapers. Spencer claimed that if he attempted to drink water, she would frequently hit him in the face with keys.

Noel never attended formal education. In July 2022, Rodriguez-Singh started skipping his doctor’s appointments. Later, authorities say, he persuaded a friend to “borrow” their child so they could go to the doctor.

How has Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s father been dealing with these issues?

Rodriguez-Singh gave contradictory accounts of Noel’s life to various people, claiming that the child was in Mexico with his biological father. Additionally, she claimed to have “sold” him to a woman in the parking lot of a Fiesta Mart supermarket; however, Spencer refuted that claim with no supporting documentation.

Singh was also charged by Spencer with stealing $10,000 from his employer just before the family fled the nation. If more evidence is found linking him to Noel’s disappearance, the police will work to charge him in the case, he continued.

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez Parents

Cindy Rodriguez Singh and Arshdeep Singh are Noel Rodriguez Alvarez’s parents, who are in trouble at the moment. They are being accused of having played a part in the disappearance of their son.

During the press conference, Everman Mayor Ray Richardson declared that in the upcoming weeks, the city would christen an inclusive playground for kids with disabilities in Noel’s honor.

“Not a day goes by that somebody does not ask about Noel or the missing little boy from Everman,” he said. “No child should ever have to go through the abuse and neglect that Noel went through.”

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