“None of my descendants should ever become a teacher under GES” – Aggrieved female teacher pens emotional will

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Arguably a sad lady who has found herself stuck in the teaching field and yearning for a way out has penned down an emotionally laden message to warn future teachers especially those from her lineage.

And according to the female teacher who bears the name Agnes Hayford-Boadi in her will made it emphatic that, “None of her descendants should ever become a teacher under GES”.

Anyway, read below her writeup unedited as made available to GHbase.Com.

BIG YES, I have really regretted it, and none of my descendants SHOULD EVER become a teacher under GES. Other jobs pay their employees’ rent allowance but we don’t get as teachers meanwhile we are all working for the government.

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I applied for fuel allowance but never got it after submitting all the many necessary documents. My salary stopped coming for 6 months, I was paid for only 2 months. All attempts to get the rest proved futile. A teacher may teach for more than 30 years and end up getting less than GH¢20,000 as a pension bulk pay.

The work we do as teachers is far more than what we get as a salary. I teach 6 classes, you can imagine the workload. How can I pay attention to the needs of every child? Meanwhile, a lot of graduates are out there seeking employment. Hmmm!

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No incentives, no motivation (learners don’t learn to motivate teachers), no respect from the children you are teaching and their parents. Our leaders come to the school only to find faults to embarrass you and not to encourage you. For any document you want to process, you have to submit more than 20 copies to prove that you are a teacher.

None of my descendants SHOULD EVER become a teacher under GES”-Teachers Will By Agnes Hayford-Boadi


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NB: The featured image used has nothing to do with the subject – the aggrieved female teacher. It’s a viral image used and the person remains anonymous.


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