Northerners are not fit to lead NPP as flagbearer; they are best for running mates – Hopeson Adorye argues

Hopeson Adorye, a major member of Alan Kyerematen’s 2024 NPP Flagbearer ambition, ridiculed Northerners in the ruling NPP.

Hopeson Adorye told a gathering during a “walk for Alan” in Kumasi on Sunday that Northerners, who symbolize the NPP’s Dombo culture, are always suited to be running partners.

Hopeson, who has been seen working closely with Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen, said the NPP has three traditions: Danquah, Busia, and Dombo.

He added that the party’s leadership has always been between the Danquah and Busia traditions, with Dombos from the North playing second fiddle as running mates. He called for that tradition to remain unchanged for the 2024 elections.

“One thing. NPP is traditional. Busia, Danquah, Dombo are our traditions. Hopeson Adorye stated Danquah symbolizes Eastern Region and the south, Busia represents Ashanti Region and Bono, and Dombo represents Northern Region.

“When a Danquah leads, the Busia side steps aside but there’s a Dombo, and when a Busia lead, the Danquah side steps aside but there’s a Dombo” (for a running mate). As for Dombos, they’re constantly there.

“In 1992, Danquah’s Albert Adu Boahen fought a Dombo. 1996 saw the Great Alliance; in 2000, Kufuor, a Busia, ran with a Dombo (as his running mate). After Kufuor, Akufo-Addo returned to Danquah. He ran alongside Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, another Dombo

“If it went to Danquah, came to Busia, went back to Danquah, where should it go now, is it not Busia?” Hopeson Adorye asked.


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