“Nothing In My DNA Creates Any Field Of Attraction For A Poor Man In My Life”-Nigerian Rapper Eva Alordiah

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Nigerian female rapper, Eva Alordiah has distanced herself away from the possibility of marrying a man that is financially handicapped.

Eva Alordiah is most certainly not alone in this as most women, if not all of them, would never be okay with marrying a poor man who has no capabilities of creating some comfort for them.

For Eva Alordiah, there is nothing in her DNA that pitches her against any poor man.

She made this assertion in a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram when a fan asked her if she could marry a poor man.

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Eva Alordiah’s definition of a poor man is one who has refused to apply himself to his duties and has refused to get wisdom on what he does not know.

She stated further that poor people are the people that make their potentials go waste by refusing to explore and put to use what they have within them and that is what makes them poor.

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In effect, therefore, she is not the least ready to put up with a man of this kind as they are most likely not in any position to help her in any regard.

Below is her post in reply to the fan who asked her if she could marry a poor man;


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