Now Sandra Ankobiah Almost Beated Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda In This Wild Pose

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Who says Sandra Ankobiah has got only a beautiful brain. She sure will cause some comotion in the law courts.

Sandra Ankobiah dismantle  the claim that lawyers cant look sexy and in this photo she shows it all. You  just cannot stop but admire looking at it with passion. Did you know she was very close to being Anaconda? Yeah, look carefully, she was in bikini, had her head turned looking sexily at the dude taking the picture and in a squatting position on the bike. The only difference is, perhaps, she is a bit shy of showing her whole fat ass like Nicki Minaj did and decided to wear one of those loose pants, so you see just the sides of her butt. She squats almost like Nicki Minaj in the photo,only that she is sitting on her motobike.

I am pretty sure Sandra Ankobiah wanted to prove that she could do Anaconda but because of her profession as her lawyer, she just can’t show it all, the jury will come for her ass and i bet you, some corrupt minds will start chasing her ass, which some are already doing.

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Sandra-Ankobiah1Sandy, you did good, but you can do it better!


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