Now You Will Know If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Will Cheat On You With Science

Have you ever been caught cheating whiles been in a relationship with someone? Well, maybe it’s just not your fault. According to a new study, you maybe able to blame your cheating habit on your parents
Researchers at the University of Queensland used data from over 7,000 twins between the ages of 18 and 49 to discover a surprising statistic: unfaithful behavior in men (a whopping 63%) and women (40%) can be attributed to inherited genes.

The leader of the study, Dr. Brendan Zietsch, said, “Our research clearly shows that people’s genetic make-up influences how likely they are to have sex with someone outside their main partnership.” Dr. Zietsch went on to say, “…we did find tentative evidence for a specific gene influencing infidelity in women. More research will be needed to confirm this finding.’’

The gene he’s referring to is AVPRIA, which is involved in the production of a hormone that regulates social behavior – thus far, they’ve found that women with certain variations of the gene are more susceptible.

So if your boyfriend or girlfriend just loves cheating on you even when you have done nothing wrong to get that from them, would you be able to forgive them, if it’s coming from some sort of genes from their parents? Tell us what you thin in the comment box


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