The NPP Should Be A Bit Tolerant

Ghana’s biggest opposition party seems to enjoy being in opposition judging from the way they go about their operations. With elections due in November and the evident sign that they will definitely wrestle power from the incumbent government, the functionaries of the party attitudes especially the latest being the boycott of two esteemed stations from the stables of Despite Group of Companies, will ultimately be the straw that will break the back of their feeble camel.

I like Nana Addo as a person but his demeanour and his scores of party disciples are the most intolerant people I have ever come across. The principle that underlines their incredible posture is to be a staunch supporter (herein subscriber to every hook, line and sinker they spew), otherwise you become their enemy forever.

When John Dumelo declared his affiliation to the National Democratic Congress, the NPP faithfuls invoked fire and brimstone upon his head. They hurled insults at him and threatened his life. When Lucky Mensah composed a song for the NDC he suffered the same fate. That is the tale of renowned personalities who aligned themselves with the umbrella party.

They forgot quickly that these people are merely exercising their democratic right enshrined by the constitution. All of us cannot belong to the same party or like the same thing; it’s only through intellectual discourse, bringing to bear the best possible way of governance that can expose your opponent’s folly. These people are not deities who can change election results. Elections are won on issues and not those who have the biggest mouth to inspire insipid verbal assaults.

On the other side of the coin, musicians and other celebrities who openly support the NPP are not maligned or abused. Yet the NPP claims they are the forerunners of democracy. I dare say intolerance is the backbone of this party’s philosophy and I can cite numerous examples to buttress my assertion.

Now back to the main theme of this article; reason why the NPP has boycotted Neat and Okay FM. The party on Sunday officially announced its decision to boycott political programs hosted by Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie and Adakabre Frimpong Manso. The statement said the stations ‘consistently discuss all matters of the NPP with negative slant. Several letters, phone calls and face to face discussions between us and other management members, the producers and host of programmes, to desist from this unethical practice of journalism have gone unheeded.

I have listened to both men on their respective shows a couple of times and I don’t see the truism in the party’s assertion. When journalists are sort of harassed in their line of duties, press freedom will be undermined and it will affect information dissemination. There are several presenters in Ghana who discuss issues relating to the ruling government with ‘negative slant’ but I’m yet to witness the same measure of intolerance from the NDC relative to the NPP. Do you know the scorn and ridicule people subject the president to on Oman FM?

I must quickly put on record that the NDC was in the news for boycotting Metro TV and Multimedia and banned them from covering their official programs. This is also indeed condemnable.

In 2004 during the presidential and parliamentary elections, some media houses, without waiting for the final declaration of the result from the electoral commissioner, unanimously declared that the NPP, led by John Agyekum Kuffour, as the winner of the presidential election. The party was buoyant and quickly held a press a conference to indeed affirm that their flagbearer has won the election.

Then in 2008 the same media houses after collating majority of the results declared that the opposition, led by the late John Evans Atta Mills has won the election, hell broke loose. Some party supporters vandalized vehicles belonging to TV3 and Peace FM. Some journalists were also brutalised.

I personally want the NPP to be vibrant and give the electorate good reasons why they can take Ghana to the level we all want. These attitudes they put up surely have serious repercussions in the not-too-distant future.


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