Obituary Poster Of Dead Candy Barbie & Her Friend Cha Chaa Pops Up; They Were 17 & 16 Years Old–More Details

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It’s sad that these two girls and one other boy had to die mysteriously all on the same day. On June 7th, we shared a story with you about the death of a girl who was tagged as a ‘Slay Queen’ on Social media. Reports on Social media suggested that, she and two other friends had died because of the abuse of Tramadol/Raphynol.

The family of the two girls, Candy Barbie and Cha Chaa came out to say that, their daughters didn’t die because of drug abuse but because of some poisonous chemical known as ‘TopToxin’ that was sprayed in the room they slept in.

The Late Candy Barbie, 16 known in real life as Jemimah

Even with the explanation the family gave, people disagreed with them on Social media as they say the girls were known in their area for abusing Tramadol/Raphynol and always hanging out with ‘game boys’ in clubs and displaying all manner of negative behaviour. A Video of one of the girls, Candy Barbie published after her death, sees her dozing off in a club because of the abuse of Tramadol (it is believed one of the effects of abuse of Tramadol is that, it makes you sleep even when you should not be sleeping).

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Their family have begged the public not to conclude that their daughters died because of drug abuse.

Interestingly, these girls were not even 18 years old yet. The Obituary published on Social media has their age and real names on.

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Candy Barbie, who you see below was 17 years old and known in real as  Jemimah Kamah Larmah and left behind .a 2 year old child. Her close friends called her Love.


Candy Barbie’s real name was Jemimah Kamah Larwah

The second girl who died was just 16 years and was known in real life as Whoda Ama Abosti but uses the name NBA Cha Chaa on Facebook. She was also called Savage.

NBA Cha Chaa (Savage) was known in real life as Whoda Ama Abotsi