Obofour Episode 5: Rev. Obofour makes u turn, calls Nana Agradaa and begs her to cease-fire

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The back and forth banter between popular traditional priestess, Nana Agradaa, Rev. Obofour, Bishop Obinim, and new entrant, Arch Prophet has taken a new twist that will excite those who have been keenly following proceedings.

Most recently, Nana Agradaa warned Rev. Obofour to take precautionary measures otherwise she will expose all his lies and deceit as she knows him (Rev. Obofour) to the fullest.

Fast forward, some aggrieved members of Rev. Obofour’s church led by veteran actress Auntie B rained insults on Nana Agradaa. However, Rev. Obofour sensing danger, secretly called the priestess and begged her to cease fire.

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On that score, Nana Agradaa has released a very short audio conversation she had with Rev. Obofour basically to tell the world that Rev. Obofour has indeed, called her.

Nana Agradaa in the studios Of Thunder television also warned the junior pastors and followers of Rev. Obofour to be mindful of the things they say against her else she’ll come out with me more heartbreaking revelations.

Watch VIDEO:

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