Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Obrafour’s old friend, Yaw Labito ‘fights’ him over his popular ‘Odo’ song

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I’m listening to Obrafour’s popular ‘Odo’ song while writing this article. The song is arguably one of Obrafour’s most popular songs in his entire career.

The chorus is well crafted and the finesse attached to singing is one of a kind. It makes it easy for one to sing along. It was the love anthem back in the days.

But there’s a story behind the popular song as the silky voice behind the chorus after close to two decades have come out with his regrets and disappointments on putting his voice on the song.

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Yaw Labito as he is known is also a Highlife musician whose career took the wrong turn because of monetary issues which he has attributed it to Ghana’s rap sofour, Obrafour.

According to Yaw Labito in an interview with Sammy Flex on his ‘Real talk’ show, Obrafour has been a disappointment to him over the years and if not for him, he would have been a better person.

In his narration, he recounted how Obrafour intentionally neglected his presence during the video shoot of the ‘Odo’ song. He revealed how met him, featured him and in the long run ignored him when they were shooting the video.

Watch the ‘Odo’ music video below:

“Obrafour came to meet me at Lord Kenya’s place and asked me to sing his the chorus of ‘Odo’ song for him because at that time he had heard of me as a good singer”

“We recorded ‘Odo’ and the song became an instant hit. We went behind Achimota forest to shoot the video for the song. When it got to my part of the song, the director asked Obrafour to let me sing my part of the, but to my surprise, he told the director in my presence that the video will be used for a documentary.”

“I felt bad but told people who asked why I wasn’t featured in the video that I had travelled during the shoot.”

Watch the interview below:

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