‘Odeshi’ man whose body could not be penetrated by bullet shows off his body, Watch

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A young man has said he has the power of invincibility after gunmen shot him but the bullet could not penetrate his body.

A video uploaded online to this effect shows one man narrating in their native language that the odeshi man was shot severally by unknown assailants but nothing to him.

He however sustained a minor injury which occurred as a result of the bullet
deflecting off him. It was also revealed that he has gone for charms that makes him withstand bullets.

While being hailed by the person recording the clip, the victim also brought out his T-shirt from the car and showed the bullet holes.

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In other news previously shared on www.Ghbase.com brief drama was enacted on a wedding day when a couple ditched the conventional wedding cake used on occasions like this for something else nobody saw coming.

In a video gaining prominence online, the bride proudly fed her husband with fufu and soup and he happily swallowed every morsel his new wife put in his mouth.

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The pair reportedly decided to go traditional at their wedding although they were still draped in the normal suit and white gown respectively.

Their decision has been applauded by social media as it adds dynamism to the way wedding receptions are conducted.

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