“Office Romance Usually Never Ends Well” –Man Reveals

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Many things happen amongst work colleagues in the office in which they work together.

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From sharing files amongst themselves to eating together sometimes, and helping each other out when things get messy at the office.

All these are expected of a human institution as everyone would need the other’s support to help increase productivity in whatever they do.

Team work is expected in every work space we find ourselves.

One thing that is not quite okay, but being practised amongst a section of people at the office, is normally the romantic moments shared between members at the office.

It is often termed office romance as some people get intimate in the cause of working together at the office as they tend to develop special feelings of attachment for each other, not everyone does It, I must add.

They share quality time together beyond work hours, usually away from the confines of their workplace.

Whiles some people end up contracting marriages and building very strong links and networks, and partnerships from it when they happen to meet single and brilliant people out there, others who are already married, but find themselves in the shackles of office romance, often end up having problems in the marriages as a result.

It is on this basis that a Nigerian Twitter user asserted that office romance almost always doesn’t end well for some people who engage in it.

Office romance usually never ends well,” he says.

What do you think about office romance?

Have you ever been caught up in It, or have an experience of a sad ending for you, or anyone you know to have ever engaged in office romance?

How did it end for them?

Kindly share your thoughts with us.


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