Offset’s Mistress Reveals Damning Secret; Says Cardi B’s Best Friend Also Had Sex With Offset

Oh secrets and secrets are being revealed. Cardi B has announced that she’s over with her husband Offset for cheating on her and the woman Offset cheated with, Summer Bunni is releasing some major ‘keys’

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Offset’s mistress Summer Bunni is tired of people blaming her for the breakup between Offset and Cardi B and has revealed that, she was not the only one f**king Offset and that Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim also f*cked Offset before she went to jail

Star Brim and Cardi are very close and Cardi has constantly made it clear that she will fight anyone for Star, who is currently in prison on credit card fraud charges.

Cardi B and best friend Starr Brimm

But, Summer is now claiming that Star wasn’t as loyal a friend to Cardi as Cardi has been to her.

Offset and Offset

Cardi has been known to go after women who had extramarital affairs with Offset. Now, people are wondering if she will fight her best friend when she comes out of jail in 2019.

Posts on her IG stories read ;

She smiling all in her face and shit. Why you think Offset never took pics with her and why he unfollowed her and went back and forth. These are facts!

You know what, i am tired of being nice. @star_brim5 how about you tell them what happened between you and Offset. Let’s tell the whole truth. But y’all ain’t going to say nun to her because y’all scared!!! She fucked him before i did! That’s cardi best friend righhhht ?


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