Ogidi Brown, Fameye’s manager narrates how he became crippled (+ sad video

Most people had no idea or whatsoever about the brain behind budding musician Fameye of “Nothing I Get” fame until he had managerial issues with OGB music.

When the issue became public, it was revealed that the man who has been pushing money into the craft of Fameye happens to be physically challenged or if you like crippled.

Fast forward, most Ghanaians started asking questions and therefore yearning to know what happened to Ogidi Brown, CEO of OGB Music. Some erroneously concluded that he was born crippled.

As such, Ghana’s Favourite Entertainment Blog, GHBase•Com decided to check archives and let the cat out of the bag just to satisfy the curiosity interest of the doubting Thomases. Lo and behold, we’ve laid hands on one interview between Ogidi Brown and Nakay TV which talk extensively about how Ogidi Brown ended up in wheelchair.

Ogidi Brown and Fameye

According to the CEO of OGB Music, he was involved in a ghastly accident on Easter day somewhere 2015 when he was on his way to pick up an elder of Church of Pentecost at Bologna in Italy to the church’s premises.

Narrating his ordeal, Ogidi Brown disclosed that he was very active in church activities when he moved to Italy in 2012. He revealed that he was a member of the Church of Pentecost church and was mostly tasked to some church duties.

He further added that on the fateful day of his accident he was asked to pick an elder of the church from the airport and take him to the church premises with two others.

He revealed that the car got involved in an accident on his way and somersaulted 5 times. Ogidi Brown disclosed that he was even declared dead until he showed signs that he was alive and was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital.

Ogidi Brown added that he was in a coma for one week due to the severe injuries he suffered and woke up to notice that he had lost the use of his limbs.

None of the others in the car involved in the accident sustained severe injuries as he did. He revealed that he was sitting at the back seat of the car when the car got involved in an accident.





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