Ogya No As) Kumooooo!! Countryman Songo Spotted Hiding In One Corner At Work To Puff Some Tampi Before Live Session

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Countryman Songo, a senior broadcaster at Adom TV, has been filmed communicating with a higher power (Jah Rastafari) while he was about to go live on the job.

Songo crouched in a nook to light up his joint and take a few drags of smoke while being secretly videotaped by someone in the distance, most likely without his awareness.

Fans were chatting about the video when it surfaced on social media, however, no one was truly shocked by its appearance.

It is in fact a significant aspect of both his identity and his business.

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In point of fact, smoke is seen billowing all over the backdrop of the screen anytime his program “Fire for Fire” is being shown.

The fire that he is dealing with is meant to be symbolized by that, but it also conveys a very clear picture of his love for tampi.

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Therefore, nobody was really shocked when they saw Songo enjoying his love while he was at work.




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