Oh No Khalifa!! What Amber Rose Walked Into That Made Her Divorce Him

For Wiz Khalifa fans, this is just some more of bad news. You probably have heard of his one year marriage with Amber Rose coming to a straight halt.

Amber Rose filed for a divorce from her husband, she has a child with and rumors immediately began circulating that it was due to infedelity- many unamed women on his behalf and Nick Canon on hers.

Amber, immediately took to her twitter account to tweet that she would never cheat on Khalifa but couldn’t say same for him, thereby confirming the cheating allegations as true and proving just how pissed off she is about the situation.

Now, we know what exactly happened! Amber Rose walked in on Wiz banging two hot girls who are twins. Dude was having a threesome!

Peter Rosenberg a good friend of Amber Rose and host of “Ebro in the morning” on Hot 97, an american radio station, clarified some of the rumours surrounding their divorce, including the moment she discovered him cheating.

“Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,” he explained. “Twins! Twin sisters, twin biological sisters.”
The twins, Wiz was bonking, Jas and Ness had shared and deleted a picture with the rapper before they got caught hooking up. They captioned this photo, “Selfie hour last night w/ @mistercap #LAnight #Vibe #JustARegularDay.”
Rosenberg goes on to say that Amber walked in on Wiz in one of their homes they shared, and contrary to reports, the two had not talked about ending their marriage prior to his infidelity–a rumor the radio host believes was planted by Wiz’s team to make him look like less of an asshole.

Meanwhile, Amber filed for full custody of their 1-year-old son Sebastian to which Wiz decided to fight, asking for joint custody. Other than that, the rapper has yet to make a statement on the divorce.

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