Oh Wait! Did Salma Munin Just ‘Fire’ Kafui Danku For Her ‘Hypocritical Comment’ On Instagram? Here’s The Filla

Ebony is dead but even in death, controversies find a way around her. Her death has shocked us and we find it hard to come into terms that, we wouldn’t see her again. Since the news of her death broke, several personalities and celebrities have paid tribute to the  90’s bhardgyal on Social media.

We’ve seen the likes of president Akuffo Addo, Former President Mahama, Sarkodie, Manifest, Shatta Wale, Pappy Kojo, Salma Munin, Yvonne Nelson…….In fact almost every celebrity in Ghana express shock at her demise and paid tribute to the 21-year-old dancehall artiste who died in a gruesome accident, Thursday evening.

With all of the tributes being shared by celebrities, actress Kafui Danku feels, some of the people sharing those tributes are hypocrites personified.

Yes, the actress in her post on Instagram jabbed some celebrities in her post and although she didn’t mention anyone’s name, we sure know she had some celebrities in mind—This is not rocket science to know what Kafui Danku wanted to say.

So this is a screenshot of Kafui’s post yesterday: We had to use screenshot because Kafui does not waste time in deleting posts when bloggers decide to feed on it….Hihihihi

Kafui danku and salma munin fight

Her post appeared to have peeved some celebrities off and one of such celebrities who perhaps seems offended by Kafui Danku’s post is Salma Munin, who couldn’t keep it all in like the other celebrities who seemed offended but have not said anything about Kafui’s post.

So Salma Munin wrote on Instagram:

Y’all out here talking about HYPOCRISY when between you and your God y’all are the real hypocrites!
We all know we are hypocrites when it came to her, all she was trying to do was LIVE her life and chase her DREAM. 99% of us CRITICISED her because of her choice of strategy to penetrate into the music industry.
Am actually writing this because I have seen one or two people I personally witnessed discussing her NEGATIVELY! But still out here Posting about Hypocrisy.
It is annoying to me!
Everyone (99% of us GHANAIANS) are GUILTY so can we just stop ✋ ? the PRETENSE
She is GONE so no NEED for that.
Can we just LEAVE her to RIP

And this has really Opened my eyes.
We need to LIVE for ourselves.
Do what makes you happy.
We are just blood and flesh and anything can happen to us at anytime.
Let’s learn to FORGIVE each other no matter the situation.
I remember how @roselyn_ngissah once put me to shame when I made a silly comment about her nudity when she started her career. I felt ashamed because while I was judging her I was still jamming to her songs.
And after meeting her I completely fell in love with Ebony. You just can’t hate her no matter what! She approaches you with this genuine SMILE and HAG.

I Love the fact that she never put any negative comment into consideration, she lived her life to the fullest.

I Knew I loved you but I didn’t realize how deep it was until now.
EBONY you will forever reign in our LIVES. I have never cried this much.
Am still refusing to believe you are GONE for real.
FRANKY am so sorry I didn’t go on that Birthday breakfast with you. Please FORGIVE me ?? I LOVE Y’all FOREVER….. #gonetoosoon? #RIP

Copy of the post on Instagram:


Yeah right! That’s how celebrities throw indirect jabs at each other in the industry and we know it!  John Dumelo has also said in a tweet that, everyone in the entertainment industry is a hypocrite including himself as well. In his tweet, he wrote:

We(entertainment industry)are all a bunch of hypocrites including myself. If ebony reached out to us to just retweet her song or share her song on social media, we won’t even care. Infact we will insult her “add”. Now she’s dead and no more we acting as if we care. Let’s change!

— Mr Dumelo (@johndumelo1) February 9, 2018

In Salma’s post, she mentioned that she had seen one or two people discussing the late Ebony negatively and that these two people now have the guts to talk about hypocrisy–Well, could it be Kafui and John Dumelo? Or Kafui and another person?

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