Oheneyere Gifty Anti Shares Traumatic Experience After Accident With Her Daughter, Educates People To Be More Sensitive

Multiple Award winning broadcast journalist, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has taken to Facebook to share her traumatic experience with fans after an accident with her daughter few weeks ago.

She wrote in a long post;

“A Venting by Oheneyere Gifty Anti

Today started so well for me. But now I am very upset.

You see, I have been without my car for the past 5 days. It had to go to the garage for the damage caused, due to the accident to be fixed.

I finally had it this afternoon and you can imagine my excitement. But, driving it home has been hell!! Oh boy.

I started feeling uneasy as soon I sat behind the wheel. My heart started beating fast. Then I picked up my daughter from school. She sat at the back with her as usual. That’s when it got worse.

I started shivering and sweating. I thought it was hot flashes. But noooo! My heart skipped ‘’many beats” any time the traffic slowed and a car came close behind me. I would immediately turn to look behind and ….

My head felt heavy, then light.. then I started feeling dizzy, so I rolled down the windows.

It got worse when I had to pass by where the accident happened! 😳🙆🏾‍♀️.

Thank God we got home safely but now I am angry because I realize I haven’t fully gotten over the trauma from the accident.

Angry because some people who are supposed to be close to me, without even asking me what happened or how I felt or how my daughter was doing, were telling people “oh someone just run into the back of her car. Nothing happened”. 😡

Really? Nothing happened? Because we were not physically hurt? Because There was no blood oozing out?

Listen, my daughter couldn’t sleep well for about 3 days. One of those days I woke up at dawn and I couldn’t find her on the bed!!! I found her lying under the bed!! She said “the car is coming mummy”. Hmmmm

Her nanny Florence had a headache for days.

I am angry because we trivialize Trauma!! We underestimate it effect on the victim/survivor!!

I am angry because that is how we treat people who have been through some unpleasant circumstances like Harassment, Emotional, verbal etc abuse and they tell us that the experience has Traumatized them!!

Trauma has far reaching effects that can cause long last damage, if not handled well!!

Please don’t joke with Trauma. We are all different and things affect us differently!

I have tried to be strong since it happened but I have had my breakdown, crying and scared moments.

And please, the season is here again. It’s supposed to be FESTIVE!! Let’s all be careful on the road!! Let’s not cause pain and Trauma for others and their families.

God is Faithful! But He has given us wisdom. Let’s apply it.


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