Okada Riders launch campaign to get John Mahama elected in December

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to get John Mahama elected in December

Following John Mahama’s manifesto promise to legalize and regulate the use of motorcycles for commercial purposes, the Eastern Regional Chapter of the Okada Riders Association has launched a campaign in his favour.

The campaign which has been titled ‘Get Okada Votes’ is aimed at canvassing for the votes of all individuals engaged in the trade for the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

At a press conference in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, to kick their campaign into full gear, the group said they are in support of John Mahama’s promise to give legal backing to their trade.

According to them, this is their only source of livelihood and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) wants to deprive them of it hence they believe a vote for John Mahama and the NDC will save their work.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we want to make a bold and emphatic declaration after consulting our members across the country.”

“At this juncture, we want to make it clear that commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators find hope in NDC’s People’s Manifesto. It addresses issues relating to our plight and we will do everything legally possible to ensure that the bearer of the idea, John Mahama wins the December 7 election. We call on all our customers, i.e. lawyers, teachers, bankers, soldiers, police officers, politicians, kayeyei, lecturers, engineers, seamstress, tailors, hairdressers, nurses, civil servants, assembly men, journalists, real estate agents, artisans and everybody who has patronized Okada due to the ease associated with its operations to join us campaign and vote for John Mahama and the Parliamentary candidates of the NDC.”

“We can only be in business when John Mahama wins and majority of NDC Parliamentary aspirants win in the December elections. We also call on our family members, friends and dependants to join us secure our jobs on December 7. Securing our job is the only way we can continue to put food on the table and meet other needs,” the group said.

The group also added that they are ready to campaign for John Mahama and the NDC free of charge since in so doing, they have the belief that a win for him is a win for their work and families.

“We want to assure Mr Mahama that, not only have we resolved to vote for him in this elections, but we have also taken it upon ourselves to embark on a nationwide drive termed ‘Get Okada Votes’ (GOV) to ensure that all our members across the country speak through the ballot for legalization and regulation of our activities.

“Aside this, we want to tell Mr Mahama and the NDC that our members will be busy on election day. As part of our support, we will transport voters ‘to and fro’ their voting centres without charging a fee. There are other initiatives we will embark on in the coming days. For the sake of emphasis, commercial motorcycle and tricycle riders have endorsed John Mahama and his People’s Manifesto.”


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