Okomfo Kwadee’s New Look Raises Concern Among His Fans

A  recent video of Okomfo Kwadee circulating on the internet has raised concern among his fans as it suggests that his mental health has relapsed.

Okomfour Kwadee, real name Jerry Anaba, is a legendary hip-hop artist who was recently caught in a new video appearing sick and hungry.

When the rapper left rehab and embarked on a brief media tour last year, he appeared to be in good health. Following his admission to a rehabilitation facility by Lord Kenya in 2020, Okomfo Kwadee’s mother claimed in 2022 that her son had been left there.

But Okomfo Kwadee went live on Instagram to engage with his followers recently but his appearance was weird and disheveled, which has raised a lot of concerns online.

Reports of the “Ofie Nipa” hitmaker struggling with mental health issues and experiencing relapses have been ongoing for some time.

Following his alleged discharge from the rehabilitation facility in 2021, he was even seen on social media hanging out with a woman who was rumored to be his girlfriend.

He also revealed that, following a period away from the music industry, he will be releasing a few “come-back” tracks.

However, his appearance alarmed many more than the songs he was vomiting out in the most recent video, which showed him in an incomplete structure.

See the video below;



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