Okyeame Kwame And Wife Show Off Their Romantic ‘Vibe’ Once Again As The Work Out Together – Video

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Hip life rapper Okyeame Kwame and wife Annicq always find a way to get social media users jealous with their romantic videos and photos.

The couple judging from their social media posts are deeply in love with each other, serving as a source of inspiration to some few other young couples.

Okyeame Kwame and wife during their normal workouts, once again displayed their romantic vibe which was very adorable to watch.

Annica hopped at the back of the hip life rapper as he was doing press ups and stayed there for a while till the video ended. The smiles and happy mood of the couple was just blissful and full of joy.

Video below;


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I remember when I was young I used to imagine how my wife would look like. I used to even hear her voice in my head , I could even experience our interactions. So when I grew up and I met her I felt she was the one. When I was 14years old I used to see myself performing to thousands of people and even got tired from jumping too many times in my own dream. WE, nobody else but WE create our own future and we do it through imagination. The secret is simple, the universe speaks only one language- FEELING! Don’t let them lie to you, seeing is not believing but FEELING is . So FEEL your dream and watch how quickly it will come to you. #Feeling

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