Okyeame Kwame reveals that he now eats only pizza and salad due to a problem at home

Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame has explained the reason behind his change in diet which has been necessitated by a problem at home.

According to him, he has had his diet changed in recent times due to the absence of his wife.

Okyeame Kwame has revealed that he has resorted to eating pizza, salad and vegan wraps because he has no choice. In a social media post, the rapper announced that his wife is down with sickness so he now has no option than to eat what is available.

He added that he has missed the eating of local dishes like the fufuo, beans and omotuo. Okyeame Kwame’s wife is Annica Nsiah-Appau and clearly, her indisposition has left the rapper with no choice but to continually eat pizza…he is already tired.

My wife is sick and I am tired of vegan wraps, Pizzas and salads. Where can I get vegan fufuo , mushroom soup with okro and or Omotuo with groundnut soup and beans in town?

Okeyemae Kwame has always supported and pushed fro Ghananaisn to appreciate and use things made in Ghana. Therefore, his decision to eat pizza kinda questions his resolve to push the Ghana agenda.


Delay Shares Lovely Fufu Pounding Moment With Okyeame Kwame To Show Their Adorable Friendship

It was such a great scene when rapper Okyeame Kwame came to Delay to spend some quality time with her.

Delay ended up employing Okyeame Kwame to pound Fufu for her and his wife, whom he went visiting with. While they were having a lovely conversation, Okyeame Kwame was also hammering Fufu for Delay and his wife to enjoy.

The rapper stated that he was not going to eat some of the fufu, but yet he had to pound it for them out of love. He also stated that they have made him their son because of love.

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