Monday, November 30, 2020

Engineers Planning To Manufacture Sekz Robots That Can Cook & Clean By 2019

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When it was announced that Sekz dolls have been introduced in the market, so men could now buy their own sekz doll and derive the same sekzual pleasure as they would get from women from it,  many women argued that, the  sekz dolls could not replace women as it could not cook or nor clean but that argument will soon be squashed as the manufacturers are planning of making sekz dolls that can cook and clean.

It sounds somewhat weird but an engineer at RealBotix says, they would be able to do it and would release such sekz dolls in 2019.

Jan Kunchai, an engineer at RealBotix says “I’ve dated around six women in my entire life and all six cheated on me, I’m six for six like Jordan. Anyways i thought it would be a good idea to create a robot that can cook and clean so I don’t have to get cheated on anymore, the next step would probably be a sex robot that can reproduce”.

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Although a sex robot that can cook and clean efficiently seems like a very difficult task, company engineers say they can be here by 2019.

But would anyone be able to hold meaningful conversations with a sekz doll?  Share your thoughts on this with friends and family.

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