OMG! The Ashawo I Chopped Is Pregnant! | A True Life Story

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Things wouldn’t have ended this way, if I had controlled my sekzual libido. How did I even get into this? What was I thinking? Now an Ashawo  is pregnant for me and she does not want to get rid of it.

My life was perfect until I decided to get myself a girlfriend. I felt I was old enough to finally have a girlfriend and with all the tales my friends had been telling me about their affairs with girls, I didn’t want to be left out.

I was 18 and in my final year at Nifa Secondary School. I hate to say this, but I am very handsome and come from a good home..You can’t blame a dude for being handsome right? So after hearing all of those tales from my friends and their sexual encounters, I felt I needed to have a taste of all that they have been saying all the time.

I had one friend, his name was Ricky and I knew he was a bad guy. He was equally handsome but broke. Ricky always has a way to win any girl over and spank the clitoris out of her in 24 hours. He was stingy and would never even give you Ghc1 if he does something with you. I felt he was a wizard. The girls rather give him money and that’s how come he’s always able to use the latest gadgets on campus and wear expensive sneakers. Ricky had numerous girlfriends and once he finds you attractive, he would come for you without bothering whether you have a boyfriend or not. 

So enough about Ricky. I was only telling you about him so you know how much of a bad guy he is. When I finally accepted his offer to give me a girl who claims to be dying for me, he was more than happy as tho, he would be banging the girl with me.

So Jasmine was a fair skin girl and was a second year student in the General arts class. I couldn’t reject her plea for love anymore. I think she’s as beautiful as Nadia Buari. NO! She’s even beautiful than her. i wondered if she was even human. Everyone on campus wanted her, the students, the teachers, prefects but she did not like any of them. She always embarrass anyone who tried to propose to her.

I was the only guy she wanted. I was her prince charming and although she was madly in love with me, I wasn’t until….

Yes, until what? Ummm, you know when Ricky told her, I have accepted to date her, she was the happiest girl in  her dormotory or perhaps the world. People told me she wrote love poems for me and recited them before she sleeps every night. 

We arranged for our first date when we vacated in December and it was at the one of those hotels inside East Legon. I won’t tell you the name.

After having a great dinner, we headed to our hotel room. How come they didn’t know she was just 17 and I was 18?  Well, she stayed up in the States so she has this body, abi u bab? And I was also some tall guy with a thick voice. You can’t blame them

It was the first time I was going to have sex and imaginations run wild in my brain. She wasn’t a virgin tho.

We started kissing……….

Ummmm, I would have to end this story here now and bring you the second episode next week. Just so you don’t miss out when publishes it, please Subscribe using the form below or keep an eye on their Facebook Page next week Monday for Episode 2.

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