OMG!! What’s Actually Happening To Kesse & Nii Soul Of Mentor?

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I have always admired these two gentlemen from their TV3 Mentor days. They are very talented and did exceptionally well in the reality show.

Then they took it a step further to MTN Project Fame where they competed their fellow counterparts from other West African countries strongly,as they both emerged first runners up in their respective years of participation.

Nii Soul

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Then they got back energized,had a couple of good songs people enjoyed and jammed to,were all over in the news a couple of times and then started to fade.*In Economics,we would say the law of diminishing returns has set*


Even though they are still in the music business releasing songs,we don’t feel their heat anymore as we used to. They are hardly billed on shows but then the truth is that,these two gentlemen are some of the very talented artists the music industry  needs, so music lovers can enjoy good music.

What could actually be the problem?

I have been wandering what the problem might be with these very gifted gentlemen. Could it be that they haven’t got competent management? Could it also be that they as artists are not putting in much effort to strike back hard to compete and stay relevant? Or probably,they do not get the right promoters or publicity?

Could it also be that there is a mystery behind the fact that no big act will evolve from any of the ‘products’ TV3 Mentor has produced?

Could the problem be the organizers of the show? Do they even teach them how to deal with the commercial or market world after they find themselves out of these music reality shows?


Honestly,very talented persons have emerged from the Mentor Reality show like Isaac the showboy, Cee, Prince, Andy, Akos, Bless, Kofi now Minister Kofy, Adez, Chris, Ruth, and several other great talents, but none has been able to hit that line of great stardom.Vodafone-icons-mixed-edition

Stars of the Future

I can only mention names of few ladies who were products of a different music reality show who are doing exceptionally well. The likes of Efya, Irene, Kaakie, Wiyaala are the very few ones making waves.


Anyway,all i’m hitting at is that we really need some of our real talents like Kesse and Nii Soul back strongly in the music scene. Probably,the main problem could also be lack of funds to invest into their music. I hope they do their homework well because we love them.

Well,expect this new one from Nii Soul as he calls it Waguan Fi Di Church and also  Kesse’s latest track which he titles Kwadede,soon. Watch this video and tell me if it’s not real talent:



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