On Rituals: Wendy ‘wakes up from the dead’, Replies Her Boyfriend

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We shared a viral story with you yesterday about a music video vixen known as Wendy who had ‘died’ and blamed her death on her boyfriend for using her for rituals.

Well, in several Whatsapp messages shared here in the first story here, she seemed to have told her friends via Whatsapp convos that she had a dream where she was told her boyfriend had used her for money rituals.

It later turned out that, she wasn’t really dead and faked her own death to get her boyfriend who had impregnated another woman, so wanted to do something to sort of tarnish his reputation on the internet, and you can read the details of that wahala here.

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Well, Wendy has ‘risen from the dead’ and she’s sent out warnings to her boyfriend who had accused her and her family of trying to extort money from him with their fake death-ritual story.



In a new Instagram post on her page, below is what she wrote;


And this one:

Well this drama is getting too interesting and we can’t wait to see how it ends, but you know we at Ghbase.com, we love drama, so we will follow this story and give you all the gist.


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