“One Thing You Say In This Era Is Interpreted In A Million Different Ways By A Million Different People”-Korede Bello Laments

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Nigerian singer Korede Bello is so bemused at the fact that in this social media era, so many different people interpret one statement you make in so many different ways.

It is far from being a wrong assertion by the singer because it is a legitimate concern that many people especially celebrities face in their line of duty.

You often see most of them having to make long explanatory statements to just a line they wrote on social media to express their thoughts about something.

How I understand a statement might be different from how another person understands it and this leads to several different interpretations, and at the end of the day, everyone says what they like about the statement.

This has most often landed people in hot waters but it is still being done regardless of the consequences.

For Korede Bello, it is sickening that so many people see your statement differently especially on Twitter which he described as a different world where this thing exists.

Korede Bello bemoaned the situation on Twitter, and this too would have so many interpretations from so many different people to it as always.

“Twitter feels like a different world. Say one thing and a 1 million people see it in a million different ways,” he wrote.


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