‘One Woman Is Not Enough For One Man’ – Nigerian Lady Causes Stir Online

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A Twitter user identified as Fulani-Igbo Girl has argued that the earlier women learned that men are inherently born to cheat, the better for them. 

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In her estimation, a single woman is not enough for one man so she wouldn’t even be bothered if her partner dies on top of another woman, so long as he takes care of their children.

The young lady said since she’s armed with this notion, heartbreak won’t be her portion if the inevitable happens.

She tweeted:’One day we will all agree that one woman won’t be enough for a man…but till then, let’s keep pretending. “I have already make peace with myself towards that….just take care of me and my kids, if you like, go and die ontop of another woman, na you sabi.’

See her tweet below:

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