“Only A Rich Girl Can Truly Love A Guy, Broke Girls Have No Genuine Intentions When Entering Relationships”, Naija Man Claims

A Naija man, known simply as Alan is of the opinion that it is only rich girls that can truly love a guy.

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Alan insinuated that girls who are so broke enter relationships with no genuine intentions but just to siphon money and put their burdens on the guys they are dating.

A lady, who already has her own money and other possessions, would most likely not care about what a man has, and so when they give in to any guy, it is for the love they have for them and not that they seek to benefit from the riches of the guys because they are already well to do and much more comfortable.

It is based on this analogy that Alan is claiming it is girls who are rich that give genuine love.

Girls on the other hand who are broke, tend to be so dependent on guys so much so that it feels like they don’t have any parents as the put all their burdens on the guys they are dating.

Such ladies are normally on the lookout for guys who have the financial muscle to cater for them and so they go in not for love but for material things they stand to get from the guys.

For this reason, Alan believes broke girls enter relationships with no good intentions at all. There could be exceptions but the chunk of these girls out there fit the category Alan is putting the in.

He opines that initially, they’d show they care but in the long run, it is all reduced down to their selfish gains.

The reality would dawn on a guy that they girls they are dating are only in for their money when their financial strength begin to dwindle and they are no longer able to keep up with the needs of the girl.

“No broke Nigerian girl has genuine intentions when entering a relationship. Yes, she might care about you and show you love but It’s always for selfish reasons. Only a rich girl can truly love a guy in Nigeria,” Alan tweeted.

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