Only fools expect the government to build toilets for them – Prophet Kofi Oduro blasts

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Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder, and leader of International Ministries has indicated that only useless people demand toilet facilities from the government.

According to him, there are big projects the government is committed to and it’s worrying that the people will be expecting toilet facilities provided for them by the government

He believes that the facility can be provided through the effort of the community and not from the government who has huge tasks ahead.

However, he shared the notion that citizens in the country should now take their lives into their hands to ensure that they don’t burden the government with basic needs as they can also provide for themselves.

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Speaking on the rapid growth of unemployed youths, the prophet noted that the number is high because most of them are lazy adding that the number of time being used for lottery and betting could be channeled into something productive but they don’t want to suffer


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