‘Only Negative News About Me Trend’- Kuame Eugene

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Reigning Highlife Artist of the year at the last edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Kuame Eugene has lamented that negative news about celebs in Ghana trends more than the positive ones.

This comes after he was trolled and ridiculed when he lied about his Zara shoes recently.

Opening up on the issue for the first time on Hitz FM, Kuame Eugene said he was merely joking and knew people will feed on it for their own selfish interest.

He even cited the recent interview he had together with Rex Omar on Hitz FM where he was praised by the Highlife legend that he’s the future of the Highlife genre yet it did not trend because it was a positive news.

He said:

“Recently, when Rex Omar and I had a show, nobody talked about, it was a beautiful show but it didn’t trend.

On the night, Rex Omar talked about the fact that i’m the Hope of Highlife. If Rex Omar had said that I was a bad singer, it would have trended.

But when he said I was the Hope of Highlife Music, it didn’t trend like it is supposed to have been”

On his Zara shoe saga, he said:

I was just joking about the price of Zara shoes. Before we recorded that video, I said it was going to trend and it did. It seems lots of Ghanaians prefer Negative news to Positive stuff.


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