“Only People Who Don’t Have Money Believe Money Answers All Things”-Ali Baba Says After Losing Friend Who Had 5 Billion In His Account

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Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba is of the opinion that money does not solve all problems as according to him the group of people that hold the view that money answers all things is people who do not have any money.

Ali Baba said this as he revealed that a friend of his with over 5 Billion Naira in one of his accounts could not save himself from kicking the bucket after being struck by the deadly COVID-19.

He posted a screenshot of a message from a writer who opined that people who do not have money think that money solves every problem and that shows his apparent agreement with what the writer had said.

Ali Baba then added the message that his friend who was worth billions, with over 5 Billion Naira in just one of his accounts, died on his way to the hospital because of lack of oxygen.

His money resting in the bank could not save him and so he had to succumb to the virus.

In his insinuation, if money answers all things, his friend would probably not die.

He added that there are issues money can’t solve no matter how much you have in your account.

“Who no go no know…A friend of ours just passed on.

He died on his way to the hospital.

Oxygen… lack of oxygen and covid complications killed him.

In one account alone… N5b is resting as fixed deposit.

There are issues money can’t solve,” Ali Baba wrote.


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