An Open Letter To President John Mahama

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Ghana is facing peculiar economic crisis which is undoubtedly causing a lots of concerns. Mr President, I respect you for the courage and dedication to help propel Ghana to height every citizen of this country can be proud of. Our democracy confers power which permits ordinary citizens like myself to write on issues affecting us.

I believe Ghanaians voted you into power because of your steep motto ” BETTER GHANA AGENDA” which famously affirmed the term “EDEY BEE KEKE”. Regardless the disagreement with your election by an opposing party, the court petition finally convinced Ghanaians to accept your leadership.

Today, we are appalled to be facing one of the worst economic constrains in history since independence. First of all, my
concerns as a citizen of this country are not in relation to any political party or it is not politically motivated. Ghanaians are turning on you because of the lack of change and sense of hope which initially craved for your success due to your youthfulness.

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The fall of the Cedi, exorbitant prices of fuel which in every regard is affecting goods and services,
then the intermittent power supply which also proves to be a major factor derailing the economy and privilege of Ghanaians.

My focus will be on the energy crisis because it is without the likelihood of any imminent solution to a problem
confronting this country for over a decade now. This problem, coupled with accelerated population growth has driven the demand for power beyond its current supply. It is clear that Ghana is grievously in need of compelling alternative sources of power.

According to the World Bank, “at a time when the Ghanaian economy is achieving sustained growth in excess of six per cent annually, with ambitions to raise this further, there is a risk that misguided and inappropriate policies would lead to the power
sector becoming a drain on the economy.”

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Surrounded by concerns for pragmatic solution to the country’s energy crisis and the never ending “dumsor” that has
characterized your government, we woke up to a new Power Ministry charged to restructure
the power sector to ensure more stability and security. Some of us even wondered the essence of such a ministry which won’t only duplicate efforts, but increase government expenditure as well.
For some reasons, we decided to overlook the perplexity but only hoped to restore a dilemma which upsets the mind of Ghanaians.

It is very clear now all the promises have failed to live up to your grand assurances. Crimes are increasing by the second; lots are rendered empty pockets because most citizens cannot afford other means to source power. The most affected are student who needs constant supply to study for examinations and complete their assignment.

For the health sector, i won’t even bother to recall situations where patient are treated suicidal because of the erratic supply.

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Different persons alike have given prayers and counsel of good faith and yet the problem continues to deteriorate. Already this year, the load-shedding schedule is reported to further be intensified due to the same reasons we have been fed all the time.

If you’ve never felt betrayed under your leadership, then this is a confirmation to prove our displeasure in your dueling. We as a people demand executive action from the government to combat this anomaly because  we keep our end of the bargain in paying taxes to resource government and the security agencies to keep Country and its people safe.

We don’t need promises and assurances anymore because we are tired of listening…. we only want results. We have at the
moment joined the “Kpakpakpa Movement’’ in order to survive.

2016 is just around the corner so unless you don’t want to witness the shock of your life, please #BRINGBACKOURLIGHT.

BY: Redeemer Joe Edudzi


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