Opinion: Can we just be happy for Shatta Wale

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The video to already by Beyonce featuring Shatta Wale was released this dawn. Many fans and artistes have congratulated Shatta Wale on his feat.

Also, it goes without saying that the dance group, Dance with a Purpose were also featured in the video. It is great for the country that creatives in the country are being recognized for their creativity.

However, what has become a yoke on our shoulders as a country is the bickering and pettiness. It is as if as Ghanaians, we can’t be genuinely happy for the success of others.

Also for those who have succeeded, it is as if they cannot enjoy their success without rubbing it in the faces of their opponents.

Rivalry among creatives is not anything new. In fact, the world over, all great artists have rivals. However, when it comes to the extent one discounts the successes and relevance of the other it becomes a huge problem.

We have exalted “agenda” over industry and so the Nigerian creative industry is beating is in everything. When Sam Smith announced his collaboration with Burna boy, there was no insult or disrespect any of his colleagues by his fans. Ghanaians however do not seem to understand that the fight is not against each other.

Competition is important. Competition drives creativity. Competition encourages quality. Competition should not turn into hatred so that we destroy our own industry.

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