Oppenheimer: Why Did Jean Tatlock Kill Herself?

Why did Jean Tatlock commit suicide? Discover the heartbreaking tale of Jean Tatlock’s passing.

Her mother was one of her father’s former students, and her father was a well-known professor of English mediaeval literature when Jean Tatlock was born in 1914.

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Her family moved frequently between Cambridge and California during her childhood because her father was the head of Stanford’s English Department.

Although Jean is best known for her marriage to J. Robert Oppenheimer, she had sexual issues when she was younger.

Oppenheimer: Why Did Jean Tatlock Kill Herself?

Jean Tatlock tragically committed suicide in her San Francisco flat on January 4, 1944. Her father found her lifeless body next to an unsigned note of suicide.

Tatlock emphasised her frustration with life and her effort to comprehend her internal conflict in the letter.

Oppenheimer was crushed by the news and took consolation in lengthy, sombre walks as she mourned her loss.

Tatlock committed suicide, according to the majority of sources, but some ideas contend that foul play may have been involved, maybe because intelligence agencies viewed her as a security danger.

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These rumors have been fed by the circumstances of her death, especially the odd results of her autopsy. However, concrete proof of outside interference is still elusive.

Later, Oppenheimer gave the first atomic bomb test the codename “Trinity,” probably as a tribute to Tatlock’s appreciation of John Donne’s poetry, whose verse provided the name for the test.

Whatever the reason for it, Tatlock’s passing continues to be a terrible and puzzling chapter in the lives of the brilliant physicist and the lady who once captured his heart.


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