Osebo Explains Himself Better, Says He Didn’t Say Jackie Appiah Will Love Him Because He Has A Sweet Rod

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"I am ready to marry Jackie Appiah and make her my queen" – Osebo

Fashionista Osebo has come out to explain better a statement out there that is reported to have been said by him.

The fashionista during an interview made a statement which seems to have been twisted for clout by some bloggers according to him.

Osebo has expressed his likeness and interest in actress Jackie Appiah for sometime now, and has passed several sweet comments about her under her photos.

Not long ago there was news everywhere that the fashionista said Jackie will like him because his rod is sweet and she will forget about class.

According to Osebo this was not what he said, but rather it was general statement he made that, if a guy should fire a girl well she will forget about class and settle with him.

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