“Our church members are broke, they can’t pay tithes and offerings”– Methodist pastor tells Akufo Addo to #FixTheCountry

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Apostle Dr. Daniel Adjei who heads the Evangelical Methodist Church in Accra has given an interesting reason for hitting the streets to join the #FixTheCountry demo.

According to him, his church coffers is suffering because members of his congregation are unable to give offerings and pay tithes owing to the current economic challenges.

Though he emphasized that his protest is not against or for any particular political party, he noted that the general structure of leadership over the years has immensely affected the general populace.

“Nowadays our church members, when they come to church, they can’t give an offering, they can’t pay their tithe because all our members are broke.

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“There are no jobs in our nation that is why I have joined this demonstration,” he told TV3 in an interview.

He was however sure that no violence will erupt out of the march considering it is a peaceful one.


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