Our worst sales occur in June & July but we hope things will change- Coffin sellers in Kumasi not making enough sales complain

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Coffin makers in Kumasi have complained that their sales have plummeted in recent times noting that it gets worst in June and July every year.

They attributed the phenomenon to the rainy season which reaches its peak during the aforementioned months.

The leader of the vendors, Asokwa Yaw vented his frustration while speaking to Osei Kwadwo of AMBASSADOR TV.

He’s quoted as saying;

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“People do not buy Coffins in June and July because of the rains and it affects our daily sales” He explained “much as we are not praying for people to die, I must also confess that our livelihood is derived from the number of coffins we sell in the year.

It is not the case people do not die in the rainy season but family members postpone their funerals because of the season so it is difficult to make good sales during the rainy season.

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Sometimes we come here and go home without any sales in June and July but the business will start picking from August to December because funerals will start in August.

I have been able to sell 20 coffins within this year 2022 from January- May but because of the rains, I have not sold even 1 Coffin from June but I believe things will change from August to December.”

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