Outrage as woman sells rice by dipping her hand in customers’ food and tasting it before serving (Watch)

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A woman has caused outrage online considering the way she goes about serving customers at her eatery joint where she sells plain rice and stew.

In the video obtained, the lady is seen serving the hot meal to a customer but then she dipped her hand into the bowl of rice and had a taste before carrying on with the sale.

Her action has not enthused netizens after the video surfaced on the internet. We are yet to know the origin of the video but in the meantime what she did has struck diverse interpretations on social media already.

Watch the video below;


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In other news, a young man momentarily lost his mind after he was hoodwinked when he thought he had bought an iPhone 12.

In the video making rounds online, the bewildered man sat on the floor while examining the fake iPhone 12 which was running on an Android OS.

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He was lost in words as he could not believe he had lost a huge amount of money in a twinkle of an eye to fraudsters at the infamous Computer Village, a suburb that has gained notoriety for such fraudulence.

A man in the background could be heard reminding him how he was warned against going to Computer Village in Ikeja to purchase a phone.

Watch video. 


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