Over 100, 000 tourists expected in Ghana this Christmas —Tourism Ministry

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Over 100,000 foreign visitors are anticipated in December, bringing in an estimated $200,000, according to the Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Dr Mohammed Awal.

According to him, this will assist the creative sector to maintain its great reputation and provide jobs for many Ghanaians.

He mentioned this at the opening of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC) in Cape Coast, Central Region on the theme, “Reviving patriotism, peace and unity through cultural diversity for sustainable development.”

Dr. Awal expressed optimism about the influx of tourists the nation will experience during the holiday season, attributing this to the variety of fascinating and historic tourist destinations the nation is home to as well as the extremely hospitable nature of Ghanaians, who never fail to welcome visitors from other countries.

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“They are coming because we have rich diverse culture, Ghanaians are warm and we have good heritage sites and tourist attractions,” and urged all to help preserve the nation’s cultural heritage.”

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo opened the festival by stating that Ghana’s cultural and creative industry had a great deal of potential to generate high foreign exchange to support development efforts. He added that the government had invested $10 million in the sector, among other things, to help about 1500 small and medium-sized businesses develop, grow, and create jobs.

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He said the government’s commitment was also in line with Africa’s agenda 2063 which aims among others to tap the continent’s cultural and create arts for economic growth and transformation.

“Every aspect of Ghanaian life tells an imaginative story. We tell stories through our fabrics. Our craft, music, films and festivals all tell stories about our lives and our beliefs. We have a lot to tell the world. Ours is a captivating story and we can make it the success story of the continent,” he stated.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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