Owen Bakula, meet Scott Bakula’s son

Owen Bakula is well-known as the son of a popular American actor, singer and director called Scott Stewart Bakula. Scott Bakula is known for his roles in two science-fiction television series:as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap, and as Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek Enterprise.

Owen Bakula was raised up alongside his two siblings namely Chelsy Bakula who was born on February 22, 1984 in New York. She’s Owen Bakula’s half sister as she’s the child from Scott Bakula’s previous marriage to Krista Neumann

Owen Bakula’s other brother Cody Bakula. Cody was adopted by Scott Bakula and Krista Neumann in 1991. But the brotherly bond between Scott’s children is one that is hard to know that they are half brothers.

Scott Bakula got married to Kristen Neumann. Their marriage ceremony was held in the year 1981 and in 1995, the divorced. Scott later got married to actress Chelsea Field in 2009.

Owen Bakula educational background

Owen joined the many Super Stars who successfully put away certain issues about them away from the public and even Though the singer keeps his educational history away from the media also, it is clear that he is a highly educated person based on his background and lifestyle.

Owen Bakula career

Owen Bakula’s popularity could be attributed to the impact made by his father but the fact is that he has also made some good name for himself out there. He is a notable  American singer, one of the very best in the profession to the extent his voice is best appreciated by most music lovers. He warn many hearts and followers due to his gestures and passionate singing skills.

Additionally, the son of Scott Bakula and Chelsea Fields, is a professional dancer. He worked with many musicians and also held events where he entertained the audience with singing and dancing.

Owen Bakula
Owen Bakula

One of the most notable events Owen performed in was the An Evening of Classic Broadway. In this event, Owen used his enchanting voice to sing melodiously.

Owen Bakula relationship status

Owen Bakula is a very secretive person that keeps his private life far from the media. He has never shared nor opened up on any details about his romantic relationship with any woman.

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There is no record of him marrying anyone or being in relationship with anyone. But it might be that he’s married but just want to keep it private.

Owen Bakula social media presence

Owen himself is not active on any social media channel but his father Scott Bakula is very active and well known on social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with huge number of followers.

Owen Bakula net worth

Owen is so private that there is no trace of his monthly and annual income. He has however worked so hard throughout his career as a singer and made most of his money through it even though that can never in any way compared to his father’s worth, He currently has an estimated net worth of $2 million


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