Owner of barbershop where ladies tw3rk for male customers speaks, says their clients should be only men, no lady allowed inside

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The owner of the famous Man’s Chamber Barbershop in Nairobi where females are made to entertain male customers has spoken in a fresh interview about her crazy ‘innovation.’

Mwende Frey, who is also a barber told Radio Maisha that she prefers dealing with older men on her premises because they have more spending power.

Mwende also said her shop is strictly for men and women coming in with their men are supposed to wait outside.

“If you are a man, leave your wife, sister, cousin or side-chic in the parking. We do not like drama and most women will have issues when they see their men being touched when given the services offered inside the shop,” she said.

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When asked what exactly she offers that warrants such rules, she said: “We shave everything from the head, chest and down there. We also offer massage services and when the man is being shaved, a lady is twerking and entertaining him.”

Mwende revealed an experience where a woman came to the barbershop and caused a scene because she thought her husband was in there.

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“She asked us if we have ever seen anyone like that and we said no, we have never seen anyone who looks like that, but we lied. Her husband was inside, and we did not tell her the truth because the guy had already paid for the services,” she further said.

Mwende also said she is planning on opening a similar shop in town to cater for the people who cannot make it to Eastern bypass.

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