Paige Hurd Siblings, Life, Career, Net Worth, Movies

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Paige Hurd Siblings and who they are is always up for discussion, so we ask; who are the people that the famous actress can call her own?

Paige Hurd is one person that her siblings would be proud of as she is doing so well at her chosen profession–acting.

Before we shift the conversation to who Paige Hurd siblings are, let’s take some time to really know who the young actress is.

We will give you an account of her life, education, net worth she has accumulated and the movies she has starred in thus far.

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Let’s get into it now. Who is Paige Hurd?

Paige Hurd early life

Paige Hurd
Paige Hurd

Born on July 20, 1992, Paige Hurd is an American actress who is best known for her recurring role as Tasha Clarkson on the American sitcom Everybody Hates Chris.

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She also starred as Samantha Grover in Hawaii Five-O from 2013-2020, Gayle Franklin in The Oval (2019-present), and Lauren Baldwin in Power Book II: Ghost (2020-2022).

Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas.

She was born to an African American father and a Puerto Rican mother.

The rapper DMX was her godfather.


Paige Hurd siblings would definitely be proud of how her career has turned out to be.

Beginning her blistering career in 2000, Hurd is still very much in the business and can already be described as one of the movers in the industry as she has appeared in quite a number of movies since breaking out.

Hurd portrayed Tasha, the next door neighbor of Chris, in the Chris Rock-produced TV series Everybody Hates Chris.

Hurd played DMX’s daughter in Cradle 2 the Grave, a 2003 film starring Jet Li.

Paige appeared as Denise in The Cat in the Hat, a 2003 comedy film loosely based on the 1957 book of the same name, by Dr. Seuss.

Hurd was featured in the 2005 comedy Beauty Shop, which starred Queen Latifah.

Paige Hurd, from then on went on to appear in many more movies and in in 2019, she began starring as one of the lead roles in the hit show Tyler Perry’s The Oval where she plays the first daughter “Gayle Franklin” who is rebellious and a wild child.

Paige Hurd Net Worth

Paige Hurd siblings

One cannot rule out the issue of money when talking about entertainment industry players.

It is one of the lucrative industries in the world, so what is Paige Hurd net worth.

Paige is in no doubt doing well and putting in the hard work and in an industry that rewards hard work, Paige is worth a handsome amount of money which could only just rise as her stocks rise.

Paige is believed to have accumulated a net worth of around $ 1 million.

Paige Hurd siblings

Paige Hurd siblings
Paige Hurd siblings

Who are Paige’s siblings? How many are they?

Paige has four siblings.

They are Pierce Harlin, Erin, Cloe, and Brandon Hurd.

Paige has a special bond with her siblings.


Paige has appeared in quite a lot of movies.

Some of which include:

Cradle 2 the Grave, The Cat In The Hut, Time Out, Never Die Alone, Virginia, Beauty Shop, Ben 10, Pick And Press etc.

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