Pamela Is An Ungrateful, Talentless Actress – Naglad Fires (+Audio)

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Fast rising Ghanaian actress, Naglad has described boobilicious Instagram model  Pamela, Odame Watara as ungrateful after the latter claimed not to know her during a live interview.

Naglad who sounded furious in the audio wondered how Pamela would make such a statement after all that she did for her. She disclosed feeding, dressing and accommodating Pamela in an audio sent to

The actress who is currently outside the country narrated how she comforted Pamela’s mother through a phone call when her nude video went viral.

Naglad stated that Pamela got to know her now close friend-Nayas through her.

She stressed that Pamela denying ever knowing her or being her friend some time ago is out of  envy and jealousy.

According to her, Pamela’s actions tell how immature she is. Naglad also pointed out that Pamela Odame is a talentless actress.

She, however, explained that Pamela is getting movie roles because of the number of followers she has attained on social media—and producers/directors think she can help in marketing the movie to the populace.

Listen to the full audio below;


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