‘Papa No’ Has Paid Me In Dollars To Keep Quiet’– Afia Schwarzenegger Finally Ceases Fire Over Mzbel Feud

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Afia Schwarzenegger has applied the brakes on her ongoing feud with a former friend-turned-enemy, Mzbel. In a new post she made not too long ago, Afia says her palms have been greased by the famous Papa No hence she’s no longer going to continue the cold war.

Afia and Mzbel have been at each other’s throat over the past few days after they literally breathed life into their age-long beef, thereby opening a can of worm in the process.  In the ensuing melee, Afia Schar later dared Mzbel to utter a word that will trigger her to open the floodgates of all her dirty secrets.

Upon sighting Afia’s post, Mzbel dared her to do her worst and drop her secret if she truly has any at all if it’s not her usual concocted stories designed to tarnish her image because she has become more successful than her. One fan drew Afia’s attention to the fact that Mzbel has now said ‘Fi’ so she should deal with her.

However, she said has been paid by the anonymous Papa No (an influential and wealthy Ghanaian man who allegedly sleeps with younger ladies, one of whom is Mzbel) has paid her in dollars so she won’t continue the beef any longer.

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